Selected publications

(2022) Feminist Activism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, in Asaf Siniver (ed), Routledge Companion to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Routledge.

(2021) Power-Sharing Pacts and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, co-edited with Allison McCulloch. London: Routledge.

(2020) ‘Feminist Reflections on Discourses of (Power) + (Sharing) in Power-Sharing Theory, International Political Science Review 41 (1), 58–72.

(2019) ‘A Dayton in Damascus? Feminist Lessons for Conflict Transformation,’ with Allison McCulloch in Ho-Won Jeong (ed.), Conflict Intervention and Transformation: Theory and Practice, London: Rowman and Littlefield, 85-108.

(2018) ‘Is Power-Sharing Bad for Women?’ with Allison McCulloch, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics  24 (1): 1-12 (special issue co-edited with Allison McCulloch). 

(2017) ‘Gendering Power-Sharing,’ with Allison McCulloch in Allison McCulloch and John McGarry (eds.), Power-Sharing: Empirical and Normative Challenges, London: Routledge, 250-267.

(2016) ‘Gender, Feminism, and the Global Political Economy,’ in Christopher Kukucha and Greg Anderson (eds.), Global Political Economy (Oxford University Press), 5471.

(2014), ‘Troubled Engagement in Ethnicized Conflict: Negotiating Difference Among Feminist Activists in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland ‘, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 16 (1), 106-26.
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(2014), ‘International Relations and the Global’, in Janine Brodie, Sandra Rein, and Malinda S. Smith (eds.), Critical Concepts: An Introduction to Politics, 5th ed. (Toronto: Pearson), 182-95.

(2012), ‘Gender, Representation and Power-Sharing in Post-Conflict Institutions’, with Allison McCulloch, International Peacekeeping 19 (5), 565-80.
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(2010), ‘Identity Politics and Women: Struggling for Peace at the Margins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’, in Dan Avnon and Yotam Benziman (eds.), Plurality and Citizenship in Israel: Moving Beyond the Jewish/Palestinian Civic Divide (London and New York: Routledge), 205-20.

(2009), ‘Women and the transition from conflict in Northern Ireland : lessons for peace-building in Israel/Palestine’, IBIS Working Papers; 89 (Dublin: Institute for British-Irish Studies, University College Dublin).
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