Student mentorship and training

Graduate and post-graduate student supervision:

Sammons, Elise. Lessons from the Past: A comparative analysis of Canadian & American commemorations of the MS St. Louis. University of Alberta, PhD student: 2017-present.

Spanner, Leigh. Gendering the Soldier: Representations of Soldiers in Canada’s Print Media Post 9/11. University of Alberta, PhD candidate: 2012-2019.

Keskin, Emrah. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programs and Reconciliation After Civil War: A Case Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina. University of Alberta, PhD candidate: 2015-present.

Graff-McRae, Dr. Rebecca. Research Title: ‘Neither Prison nor Museum’: The Politics of Conflict Memory in Northern Ireland. University of Alberta, SSHRC Postdoctoral fellowship: 2012-14.
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Imasuen, Emmanuelar. An Assessment on the Localization of UNSCR 1325 in Advancing Women, Peace, and Security: A Comparative Analysis of Northern Ireland and Liberia’s NAPs. University of Alberta, MA (course-based): 2017.

Harder, Ardythe. The Role of Narrative in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. University of Alberta, MA (thesis): 2016.

Gerrits, Bailey. Political Battlefield: Aggressive Metaphors, Gender and Power in News Coverage of Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Contests. MA (course-based): 2013.
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Undergraduate student supervision and mentorship:

Clifford, Sarah. Exclusion as Political: Rebuilding the American Masculine Identity Through High School History Textbooks. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2020.

Vargas Alba, Juan. Building Peace During a Climate Crisis: Towards a Framework of Ecological Post-Conflict Transformation in Colombia. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2020.

Bangash, Shireen. Female Perpetrators of Violence: the Case of Iraq. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2017.

Carbonaro, Elisa. Hashtags in Conflict: The Discourse of Feminist Social Media Activism and #BringBackOurGirls. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2016.

Theberge, Renee. Banksy’s Dismaland: Art as a Medium to Document and Provoke in Politics. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2016.

Kent, Emma. “Project: Mass Organizations and Women’s Participation in Development: A Cuban Case Study.” University of Alberta. Special undergraduate field research project in Cuba; funded through the University of Alberta Undergraduate Research Initiative: 2013.
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Gerrits, Bailey. “Project: Lazy Activism, ‘Corrective’ Rape and the Law: An Analysis of the 2010 Change.Org Petition and Its Impact on Mobilization in South Africa.” University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2012.

Wilson, Jeannine. “Project: Haiti from the Ground Up: Ethics of Care and Education Development Goals in Post-Crisis Haiti.” University of Alberta, BA Honours: 2011.